20 Things I Know for Sure

Spiritual nourishment, personal reflections, and meditations for turbulent times from a much-loved self-help author In these 20 short chapters, Karen Casey explores what matters most about loss, unconditional love, security, surrender, powerlessness, peace, strength, and fear. Each chapter touches on how her own commitment to a spiritual path has had the greatest influence on her life's direction. Themes include: It's only within our relationships that we heal.Wherever we are is where we are meant to be.Every loving thought is true.Our lessons keep calling to us until we surrender to them.Those who share our journey are our teachers.It is our thoughts that cause us pain.Forgiveness is the key to a peaceful life.Karen shares her personal experience with honesty and compassion. Her writing can help us make sense of our own lives and travel farther down our own spiritual path.

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Book Title: 20 Things I Know for Sure

Book Author: Karen Casey

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ISBN: 1573247448