For a child born some forty or fifty years ago, career options were very slim mainly because it was not a choice you made on your own. A child’s career was the sole prerogative of his or her parents but thankfully, that has since changed and for the better too. Entertainment, for example is not in any career path a parent would have chosen for their children to do a diploma course let alone get a bachelor’s degree in. But the fact remains that entertainment is one of the biggest most profitable industries in the world and while you don’t have to be a Hollywood actor or signed to a major recording label, you can tap into that market by enrolling for a digital media course.

Digital media is quite a large field that houses graphic design, animation, visual arts consultancy, web development among others. The good news is that digital media is one of the shorter educational courses out there. The University of Melbourne for example offers three different products when it comes to digital media: A six-month graduate certificate, a yearlong diploma in the same and a two-year course for a master of digital media. So, in just a short two years or maybe a little longer if you are a part time student, you can be well on your way to making bank.

If you are already on another career path or have a part time job, there is good news for you as there are a number of flexible study options in online classes and that is not the only advantage, you also get to save a lot in tuition fees, make sure you check out these digital media courses at Macleay. Online classes are usually a very attractive option for people who are more technically savvy people  Besides, you will have a better chance to research the kind of institution that would match your specific career goals.

So, after getting your diploma or bachelor degree in digital media, what next?

Well, it is very possible to have a vibrant and diverse career in the digital media market and the possibilities and opportunities for growth are endless given that technology is constantly changing. The most common jobs in the market are animation, photography, E-commerce, advertising and social media are also other common career options taken by digital media students, if you are now considering a bachelor of digital media then visit this page. Yes, social media can actually be a literal way of life. Just think, how awesome would it be if you worked for Facebook or Instagram? It is however important to note that a career in social media would mostly be in line with advertising and marketing which means that it will involve a lot of trend research.

Now, I saved the best for last. If you are the kind of person who prefers being your own boss, digital media is one of the fields that you can excel in when it comes to having a freelance career. Your salary will definitely depend on how productive you are but the good news is without the intermediaries, you have so much more money in your pocket.

Given that you have more information now than when you first started, you should be in a great position to decide on whether you want to have a career in digital media or not and whether you want to start slow with a diploma or you will just take a dive in the deep end and simply enroll for a bachelor degree course.

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