"Khetam Dahi captures the often-ignored voices and painful experiences of Syrian migrant children and their families. In a simple yet honest and powerful prose, Dahi, through the eyes of a child turning adolescent, narrates the everyday existence of immigrant and working-class families. Although the family faces extreme hardships, the love for each other and determination to succeed served as a catalyst to infuse them with optimism and a love for life. Her inspirational journey of breaking through despite all obstacles certainly lets readers vicariously experience her joy, sorrow, regrets, hopes, dreams, goals, disappointments and success. Dahi's artfully weaved narratives provide young adult learners the opportunity to become personally enmeshed in the stories, but most importantly, it creates a space where students can feel free to relate, relive and learn." ___ Nancy Ramirez, Associate Professor "Khetam Dahi's journey from Syria to America was definitely fascinating, heroic, and intriguing. Bravo to her and her family for moving forward even though many obstacles got in the way. Her story is very inspiring." ___ Dr. Linda Elias "Dahi, in her republication of Uprooted, accurately portrays the fears, joys, excitement, and triumphs of an immigrant to America. She gives a first-hand, unique picture of the difficulties of learning a new language and culture. The exercises in the book will also aid ESL students in recounting their own personal stories and growing as second-language readers and writers." ___ Nathan Warner, Associate Professor "Khetam Dahi's book, Uprooted, is a journal of her emigration from Syria to the United States, which comes straight from the heart. Her story compels readers to reminisce about their own initiation into a new and strange culture. Her personal anecdotes bring emotions to the surface. The reader is able to relate to the universal loss of childhood innocence to the jolting realization of an entirely new, sometimes frightening and sometimes hilarious, foray into the future. Khetam's adventures assist students of all ages and backgrounds in comprehending that while cultural adjustments may be painfully jarring, such difficulties can be common to all people in such circumstances. Her story is evidence that success can be achieved through a sprinkle of good luck along with diligence and perseverance." ___ Arleta Roberts, 25-year teacher of English language students and a life-long learner

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Book Title: Uprooted

Book Author: Khetam Dahi

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ISBN: 1490770968