A Spiritual Clearance for America

A workbook for ascended master students who want to perform a powerful spiritual clearance for America, specifically for the government apparatus in Washington, D.C. The book contains profound teachings along with practical tools for invoking a change in the government of America. You will find the following tools: Invoking a better foundation for making decisions in America Invoking an openness to new solutions to old problems Invoking an end to fiat money and the Federal Reserve Invoking a willingness to make major changes Invoking a new vision of the purpose of democracy Invoking an end to the elitist tendencies in Congress Invoking a more direct form of democracy Invoking a higher dedication to freedom in the Supreme Court Invoking a higher vision of the presidency Invoking a Golden Age President

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Book Title: A Spiritual Clearance for America

Book Author: Kim Michaels

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ISBN: 8793297610